“Don’t take mirrors seriously, your true reflection is in your heart.” You can look into a mirror and see your physical reflection but I ask you to look into your eyes and see the reflection of your soul. Does your heart reflect out patience, love, compassion, humility, understanding, forgiveness? Or are you filled with hate, envy, anger, jealousy, revenge, and negativity? I remember a few years back, being completely lost when I first moved to LA.  I’d look in the mirror and see a stranger, someone I did not know or care to know.  Eyes I did not want to look into…painful eyes, jaded eyes.  But by facing my deepest inner fears, by bringing up my demons and dissolving them slowly, day after day, I was able to build myself up brick by brick into the man I always wanted to become. A man of God. A man I can look at in the mirror-eye to eye and finally smile. Oh that peace within…that spark that never leaves. Once you have it, you’ll protect it and you’ll also be able to recognize it in the eyes of others. It’s a gift from God. Your own heaven on earth.