I train instinctively (listen to my body) and use the priority principle. My priority has always been legs due to my car accident. Basically, the priority principle helps you bring balance, proportion and aesthetics to your physique. My weakest points are the ones I hit the most, on the days I feel the best. On days I feel weak; I do what I consider to be a strong body part just to maintain it. I focus on maintaining my strong points and bringing up my weak points to try and reach aesthetic perfection. I typically train six days a week. For five of the days, I always start my workout with calves and end with abs. My shoulders have always been a strong point, so, although I want to go heavy and hard, I have to dial it back and hit shoulders less often and with lighter weights. By doing this, I am maintaining a more balanced body. I feel that the Priority Principle can be beneficial for anyone with any goal in mind!